JIA Gift Card

Usher in the year of Ox with great delicacy to treat ourselves and beloved ones. The JIA Group limited edition gift card lets you spend it your own way, across all JIA venues (except Hong Kong International Airport Duddell’s). Our limited edition CNY gift card box is available to be delivered within three working days (HK ONLY) or instantly via email/SMS. 


以美酒佳餚與摯愛一起喜迎金牛新 。佳民禮品卡可以讓您於佳民集團旗下的任何餐廳消費及享受多重優惠(都爹利會館(香港國際機場)除外)。今個新春,集團特別推出賀年限量版禮品卡套裝。實體套裝可於三個工作天内送到府上,或可透過電子郵件或手機訊息即時發送到摯愛手中,在任何時候都能送上最窩心的賀年祝福。

Terms & Conditions

1. Valid for up to 12 months from the date of purchase and is non extendable.

2. This gift card is redeemable across all JIA venues, except Hong Kong International Airport, Duddell's.

3. To be used for ONE transaction - no refund will be offered if not used to its full value.

4. The original gift card/ QR code must be presented for redemption. 

5. This gift card cannot be used in conjunction with any other discounts or promotions.

6. This voucher is only valid for dine-in food & beverage only and cannot be used for banquets, meetings, private events or other services.

7. Any amount exceeding the value of this voucher must be settled in full by cash or credit card.

8. We kindly advise that all table reservations must be made in advance. Please call email the relevant email account for the redeeming restaurants to book.

9. Please note the e-version of this gift card can be redeemed instantly and sent deliciously direct to the recipient's inbox.

10. While printed gift cards can be delivered to any address in Hong Kong within three days.

11. JIA reserves the right to change the terms and conditions. In the event of a dispute, the decision of JIA will be final.

1. 禮品卡於購買後12個月内有效。

2. 此禮品卡適用於佳民集團旗下所有餐廳,都爹利會館(香港國際機場)除外

3. 此禮品卡只可使用一次,如未能用盡禮券金額,餘額將不獲退還。

4. 必須出示實體禮品卡或掃描QR碼以使用。複印件將不接受。

5. 此禮品卡不可與其他優惠、禮券或折扣同時使用。 

6. 此禮品卡只適用於堂食享用,不適用於宴會、會議到會、私人包場等服務。

7. 扣除禮品卡金額後,交易差額需以現金或信用卡付款。

8. 使用禮品卡前,必需先行致電或電郵欲兌換禮券的餐廳訂座。

9. 電子禮品卡會即時發送到收件人的電子收件箱或sms並可立即使用。

10. 實體禮品卡會於三天内完成派遞。

11. 佳民集團保留更改本條款及細則的權利。如有任何爭議,佳民集團將保留最終決定權。

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